Life Of Queen Rania, One Of The Most Beautiful Monarchs In The Modern World

Queen Rania of Jordan is both intelligent and beautiful. She is deservedly considered to be one of the most beautiful monarchs in the world. In addition to being incredibly beautiful and stylish, she is a truly unusual woman. She is loved and respected for always being equally friendly to everybody — whether they be ordinary people, royalties, or her subscribers on Instagram.

Публикация от Queen Rania Al Abdullah (@queenrania)

Rania is a Palestinian, but she lived for many years in Kuwait. She moved to Jordan with her parents in the early 1990s. Interestingly, there were no aristocrats in her family. The girl did not even think that she would ever become a queen, but life had other plans for the girl.

Rania studied business administration at the American University in Cairo. After graduating from the university, she worked at an Apple office. Later, she worked briefly in marketing for Citibank in Amman. This was where she first met Abdullah, the son of the King of Jordan.

Публикация от Queen Rania Al Abdullah (@queenrania)

I looked at her and realized that she is the only one, and I do not need another woman,” he said later.

Six months later, the couple got married. At that time, Abdullah was not Jordan’s crown prince. The crown was to go to his uncle. However, the ruling king changed his mind and bequeathed the throne to his son.

When Abdullah became king, he and Rania were already parents of two children. Later, she gave birth to two more children.

Queen Rania leads an active social life. She helps women in her country to get a job and start their own business. Under her leadership, centers for the protection of women and children from domestic violence were opened. The Queen is also very concerned about her country’s problems related to health and education.

In addition to social life, the Queen does household chores. She believes that her children need to know the value. This is why her children can cook and do other household duties. The queen says that not a single mother should forget to pay attention to herself.

In addition to being beautiful, Queen Rania of Jordan has exquisite taste. She always knows how to perfectly combine the traditional Arabic style with the western one.

Queen Rania excellently embodies the role of a beautiful wife, mother and powerful monarch. If you admire her, share this article with your friends. Let those who have not heard of Queen Rania of Jordan find out some interesting facts about her. She is undoubtedly a source of inspiration for many women around the world.

Source: GoodHouse

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Life Of Queen Rania, One Of The Most Beautiful Monarchs In The Modern World

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