2-Year-Old Toddler’s Dog Did Not Leave Him For 6 Hours While His Parents Were Looking For Him

The disappearance of a child is perhaps the worst nightmare for any parent. Unfortunately, not every parent is lucky enough to find their missing child. But today’s story had a happy ending thanks to a very touching nuance.

The little boy, who was tested with Autism, was probably extremely scared after being lost for 6 hours. Fortunately, his faithful friend didn’t leave him for a minute.

It all started when Chelsea Nobel from Mississippi once went to the sheriff’s office with a request to find her missing 2-year-old son William. This was immediately reported on the local news. Helicopters and subunits of K9 got down to looking for the boy.

At 03:30 p.m., 10-year-old Blake Carrol got off the school bus and heard a horn. The boy went towards the sound that led to an abandoned truck — only 400 meters away from the Nobel’s house.

Blake looked inside the truck and found William inside. The schoolboy immediately ran after his uncle who helped the boy get out of the truck and notified the local authorities.

According to the police, there is no evidence of a crime in the incident. Most likely, the child climbed into the truck from pure curiosity and lost his way home.

The most interesting fact about the entire story was that the little Nobel’s dog did not leave him the entire time he was missing.


Every time we traced William’s footprint we saw the dog’s footsteps too. The dog followed the little boy all the time,” said Sheriff Peterson. “When the boy was found, the dog was still circling the truck and scratching on the truck.”

It’s so wonderful that the story had a happy ending and William is now with his family! We can’t help but admire the faithfulness of William’s dog. Thanks to William’s dog and 10-year-old Blake and the members of the search group little boy was found and returned to his family.

Source: Fox10tv

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2-Year-Old Toddler’s Dog Did Not Leave Him For 6 Hours While His Parents Were Looking For Him

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