Guy Traveled Across The World In A Wheelchair. Now, He And His Mom Inspire Others To Do The Same

When we travel to foreign lands, we can learn something new about different countries, cultures, and people. At the same time, this gives us a chance to get to know ourselves better. However, it is so unfair that some people cannot have all these amazing experiences because they have certain disabilities. Fortunately, there is a family that proves everyone: you can cross the world even in a wheelchair. You just need a more thorough preparation.

Julie Jones and her son Braeden live in Australia. When he was a kid, Braeden was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Now, the young man moves around in a wheelchair. In 2011, the Jones family won a trip to the U.S. And instead of refusing to go because of her son’s disability, Julia Jones decided to look for the information that might help her make this trip happen.

Luckily, Julie is a former travel consultant; so, she knew exactly what information she needed to look for. She gathered all the data they might need during the trip and thoroughly planned the entire vacation. Thanks to that, her son Braeden was able to travel all the way from Australia to the U.S. and back despite his wheelchair-bounded status.

When they got back to Australia, Julie decided to publish online all the information she has found along with a few tips from their trip. It was the beginning of the Have Wheelchair Will Travel project. Julie started a website where she shared her story, experience, and advice about traveling with a person on a wheelchair. Later, other people started adding their personal findings and advicing on the topic. Today, the community of brave people who do not allow any circumstances stand in the way of their dreams keeps growing, while Julie and Braeden continue sharing their amazing travel experiences with the world.

Do you have a special travel advice? Share it with us in a comment below.

Source: ABC

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Guy Traveled Across The World In A Wheelchair. Now, He And His Mom Inspire Others To Do The Same

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