6 Most Amazingly Looking Sea Caves In The World

Mother nature is really great at creating unique, incredibly looking sights. Some places have unusual colors, while others impress us with their size or shape. Sometimes, it is even hard to believe that all this beauty exists near us. Today, we are going to tell you about the six most beautiful sea caves in the world.

Blue Grotto, Italy

Gimas / Shutterstock.com

While most people know Italy for its amazing cuisine, it also has a few breathtaking landscapes. Blue Grotto, otherwise known as Grotta Azzurra, is one of these special places.

The cave is located on the island of Capri, which is near Naples. The most amazing thing about this grotto is that the water in it seems to be glowing and has one of the most beautiful shades of blue.

Cathedral Cove Sea Cave, New Zealand

Dmitry Pichugin / Shutterstock.com

Cathedral Cove consists of five amazingly looking sea caves. It is worth noting that one of these caves is on the list of the world’s longest sea caves.

Cathedral Cove is one of the most popular places in New Zealand. And while it is completely dark inside these caves, the view that opens from inside there is absolutely breathtaking.

Just keep in mind that all the caves are accessible only for two hours a day when the tide is low. So, if you want to explore this place, you’d better plan your trip wisely.

Playa de las Catedrales, Spain

Sigur / Shutterstock.com

Cathedral Beach, otherwise known as Playa de las Catedrales, looks like a naturally created cathedral. At some points, the walls of the cave reach as high as almost 100 ft, and the acoustics in here are just amazing.

When the corridors are lightened up by the sun, you can see how colorful the walls really are. But, just like with many other caves, you can only get there when the tide is not too high.

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Animal Flower Cave, Barbados

Helioscribe / Shutterstock.com

On Barbados, there is a magnificent place called the Animal Flower Cave. The place was named this way because of the sea anemones you can easily find in any of the cave’s little pools.

You can swim in a large pool, enjoying the amazing view and sounds of the sea. But what is even more interesting is the look of the walls inside the cave.

The walls in the Animal Flower Cave have a very unusual coloration: a mix of green, violet, and brown. Such a color set is caused by the oxidation of the cave formations, covering the walls.

Fingal’s Cave, Scotland

Donna Carpenter / Shutterstock.com

If you are going to visit Scotland anytime soon, make sure to add this place to your trip plan. Fingal’s Cave is, perhaps, one of the most weirdly looking places on our planet.

This cave has a unique structure: it looks like it consists of hundreds of stone pillars. At the first sight, it is hard to even tell whether these columns were carved in the stone or they were put together to form these large, massive walls.

Fingal’s Cave was named after the main hero of an epic poem written by James Macpherson in 1762. You can find this cave on one of the uninhabited Scottish islands – Staffa.

Marble Caves, Chile

Jorge Leon Cabello / Shutterstock.com

Chile’s Marble Caves are also on our list today. The captivating look of this place makes you wonder how mother nature managed to create such an unusual shape. But what is most intriguing about this place is that the water and the walls change their color depending on the weather.

When the sun shines bright and the sky is clear, Marble Caves impress you with the most stunning shades of blue you have ever seen. At some days, all you can see is different variations of gray, green, or bright aquamarine, and sometimes, you can even spot deep violet or brown.

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Would you like to visit one of these places? Or, maybe, you know about other incredibly looking sea caves? Leave a comment below and tell us all about it!

Source: GrindTV.com / Atlas Obscura

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6 Most Amazingly Looking Sea Caves In The World

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