Spoken Without Words: Authentic Dance Perfomance Tells A Touching Story About The Marriage Relationship

Dancing with the Stars is an international version of the British famous TV show Strictly Come Dancing. It features celebrity contestants, paired with professional dance partners and competing in a Latin dance competition.

This year, there have been many talented couples, starring in the fifth season of the Ukrainian version of the series. But one of them impressed the audience with their performance so much that it is for sure will long be remembered as one of the best dances in the history of the show. Ahtem Seitablaiev, a Ukrainian actor of the Crimean Tatar origin, and Alena Shoptenko, a professional dancer and the winner of the 1st season of Dancing with Stars, have created a performance that was able to touch people’s hearts in a way no other dance could.

#Олена: Фуф! После окончания последнего эфира «Танцев со звёздами» я сделала то, о чем мечтала 2 месяца. Выспалась! Сегодня же прочитала все ваши сообщения и комментарии, до глубины души тронута вашей поддержкой. Самое важное для меня – вы точно прочувствовали все, что мы хотели донести в наших с Ахтемом танцах. Это и есть для нас настоящая победа! Вы называете наши танцы творчеством, которое вызывает у вас самые искренние чувства и эмоции – это и есть самая большая для меня награда! Я очень благодарна вам за ваши слова, чувства, поддержку и переживания! Это именно то, ради чего я занимаюсь тем, чем занимаюсь. Именно то, что вдохновляет меня и мотивирует двигаться дальше! Вы главные судьи. Огромное вам человеческое спасибо😘 @alena_shoptenko #ПоверненняЛегенди #танцізірками

Публикация от Танці з зірками (@tanci1plus1)

It was a real performance, even a short play, about a married couple who, apparently, had had a fight, but they loved each other so much that they were unable to let go. Ahtem and Alena really managed to tell an authentic story through their dance, and it truly spoke to everyone.

In an interview, Ahtem and Alena said they had been training for 6–8 hours a day in order to achieve such wonderful results. Ahtem also talked about his relationship with Alena:

It’s a great honor to dance with such a professional person as Alena. To tell the truth, I was even a little bit afraid of dancing with her. I was thinking, ‘What can I give to the twice ballroom dancing champion of the world?’ I must confess, I was scared, but Alena is very sociable.

He also added, jokingly:

There was no doubt as to who was the boss. It was clear at once that it was Alena. It’s matriarchy.

Alena said that Ahtem was one of her most diligent students, and she had no reason for reproaches:

I don’t have to be strict with him, because Ahtem does everything I ask him to. I don’t have to convince him or tell him twice, he just comes to the training and works hard. I think this is very noble. As for me, I’m also learning from him, especially as far as it concerns performance and dramaturgy in our dances.

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Even though they didn’t win, the judges were unanimous in their opinions that their performance would be remembered of as a legend of the show. Please, watch the video from 2:30 to see their amazing dance.

Source: Танці з зірками / YouTube

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Spoken Without Words: Authentic Dance Perfomance Tells A Touching Story About The Marriage Relationship

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